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WIRE: 420 Games to be held in Santa Monica, California on April 1

SANTA MONICA, CA – The 2nd annual 420 Games coming to the Santa Monica Pier on April 1st is not your normal marijuana event.

The event starts at 8 am with a 4.2 mile run from Santa Monica to Venice and back. Last year’s winner was an Olympic Marathon trial runner. Several NFL players will be in attendance speaking about health and wellness. A hip LA Yogi will lead a pre-run yoga session at the Pier before hundreds of athletic men and women line up to run. Schedule below.

Unlike most other cannabis events, the 420 games ask their participants not to smoke on site. “This is all about changing perceptions and we don’t want the outside looking in seeing clouds of smoke over our heads, literally or figuratively” said founder Jim McAlpine.

The event is an advocacy fun run to change the perception of cannabis and those who use it in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

“We know of thousands of athletes and responsible people that use cannabis” said McAlpine. “From average Joes to professional ranks of all sports, many athletes use cannabis as a successful part of their athletic and fit lifestyle.”

The event at the Southern California landmark is expected to draw thousands and brings a message of wellness, fitness and health. A normal 5k run is just over 3 miles, but this event’s 4.2 mile run allows participants to “Go the Extra Mile for Cannabis.”

The LA 420 Games’ is the first event of a 2017 Tour and no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. The now national event series has grown immensely since it started two years ago and this kick-off event at the Santa Monica Pier will be followed by events in 6 states and 8 cities including San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Boulder, Portland, Seattle and Las Vegas.

CHANGING THE STIGMA: Hundreds of participants are expected to run or walk for cannabis respect on April 1st in LA, creating a vibe of camaraderie. The post-run “420 Games Village” will host a party for like-minded individuals who see an opportunity to change the “stoner” perception and caricature that many conjure up when they think of a marijuana user. “We want people to think of Michael Phelps or yoga classes when they think of marijuana, not Jeff Spicoli or the High Times Cup.” said McAlpine.


The post-run “420 Games Village” will also feature a Yoga warm down session, Lagunitas beer garden, performance from XGames athletes and speeches from top former NFL players including:

Kyle Turley – New Orleans Saints, St Louis Rams & Kansas City Chiefs

Eben Britton – Jacksonville Jaguars & Chicago Bears

Nate Jackson – SF 49ers & Denver Broncos

Boo Williams – New Orleans Saints

The 420 Games are sponsored by Lagunitas Brewery,, VapeXhale, WeedMaps and Power Plant Fitness. Over 50 other top cannabis brands in California will be in attendance as well.

What: The 420 Games

When: Saturday April 1, 2016, 9AM – 2PM

Where: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Some highlights of the games include:

• Samples from cannabis companies will be handed out to those over 21, however no smoking or vaping is allowed on site.

• National Footbal League (NFL) athletes Kyle Turley, Eben Britton, Boo Williiams and Nate Jackson will be in attendance and running the race.

• X Games skaters and BMX athletes will perform for the crowd.

• A Power Plant Fitness challenge will take place and award prizes to the most fit man and woman


California Tour:

April 1, 2017
Los Angeles | Santa Monica Pier

August 27th, 2017
San Francisco | Golden Gate Park

Colorado Tour:

July 23, 2017
Boulder | Boulder Reservoir

July 22, 2017
Denver | Berkeley Lake Park

Washington Tour:

May 28, 2017
Seattle | Magnuson Park

Oregon Tour:
June 23, 2017
Portland | Sellwood Riverfront Park

About The 420 Games Philosophy:

The 420 Games does not advocate that everyone should use cannabis. We are focused on teaching those who choose to do so how to be healthy and responsible. We are also focused on education and prevention for those who should not use cannabis – most importantly, minors. We do not endorse the illegal or irresponsible use of cannabis. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Media Contacts: Please Contact Us by VM or Text:

Gaynell Rogers or Jordan Friedman
Bond Moroch Agency
Gaynell Mobile:  415.298.1114 / Jordan Mobile 917.673.9322

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