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Vape Pen Review: Hydrology9 from Cloudious9

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

I’ve tried my share of herbal vapes over the years, but never one as technologically cool as the Hydrology9 from Cloudious9.

The gadget, which feels a little like a relay race baton in your hand, functions as both a bong – with a chamber for water to cool the smoke – and a flower vaporizer. And it produces some of the smoothest herbal vape smoke I’ve tried.

When it arrives, it will take you a few minutes to figure out how to take the Hydrology9 apart.

The bottom of the device unscrews to reveal a small hole where you can put ground flower. There’s also a built-in rotating dial you can twist on the bottom to stir your cannabis as it’s heating.

The upper part unscrews above the water chamber – allowing for easy filling and draining. It also functions as a water-tight mouthpiece for smoking. And above that is a magnetic mouthpiece cap to keep things sanitary.

The water chamber may be my favorite part of the Hydrology9 – it really smooths out the smoke and I love that bubbly bong sound when I take a drag. Just make sure you leave at least 30 percent of the chamber space above the water for air – otherwise there’s nowhere for the smoke to go.

I also dig the LED light system in the device. To turn it on, you push the main button three times – which will make the Hydrology9 flash green three times. After that, you push the button once to get it to each heat setting – represented by different colored LED lights. The settings go from blue to yellow to orange to purple to red. Each setting will flash on and off in that color until it reaches the desired temperature. And when it’s set for you to inhale, it will glow a solid green.

Personally I find the blue and yellow settings don’t get much smoke – although there is some terpene flavor. I tend to burn mine at the orange or purple settings, which is a bit hotter but you also get more visible smoke. It all comes down to your personal preference, though, and it’s great that this thing has five heat settings to choose from.

As an added bonus – if you push and hold the button when the Hydrology9 is off, it will entertain you with a rotating LED light show.

The only drawback to this thing is that it’s a bit large to carry around on the go. But I consider that a small complaint. It’s sleek, stylish design looks very cool on my coffee table!

At a suggested retail price of $250, the Hydrology9 is a bit of a Cadillac for the herbal vape world – but I think it’s worth the price. It’s easy on the lungs, looks great and provides a ton of great options. You can search the latest models of glass pipes and bongs in stock at SmokeCartel.

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