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WIRE: Israel’s Kanabo Research launches new medical cannabis extracts and vapes

Tel Aviv — Kanabo Research, a new Israeli medical Cannabis venture that develops pioneering technologies in medically validated extraction formulations and certified vaporizers, successfully closes seed round funding and debuts its initial product offerings at this year’s CannaTech, taking place in Tel Aviv, March 20 – 21, 2017.

Kanabo brings together leading industry professionals to develop cutting edge solutions for the medical Cannabis industry that focus on precise formulations of medical Cannabis extracts designed to work synergistically with their VapePodTM vaporizer. CEO and founder of Kanabo, Avihu Tamir, previously founded Teva Nature, the leading vaporizer company in Israel.

Kanabo is currently developing five unique formulations of medical Cannabis extracts to treat specific Central Nervous System disorders. Two formulations are patent-pending, and several will be applicable as orphan drugs. To deliver the formulations, Kanabo identified and partnered with a US-based vaporizer company and manufacturer, and modified their standard vaporizer to be a certified medical device called the VapePodTM vaporizer.

Kanabo Research’s leadership team includes experienced medical industry professionals in a variety of fields shaping the medical Cannabis industry including biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical R&D, Drug Delivery Systems (DDS), clinical research, medical patents, vaporizer technology, botanical extracts, and more. CEO Tamir brought on David Tsur, pharmaceutical executive and former Israeli Chief Economist, as Board Chair. Doron Friedman, Ph.D., who has authored over 80 patents and is a pharmaceutical R&D specialist and biomedical executive is Kanabo’s Scientific Director.  Nachshon Knoller, M.D., a world-renowned neurosurgeon and clinical researcher serves as Medical Director.

“The medical Cannabis industry is very much in its infancy in many areas, including drug delivery,” says Dr. Friedman. “However, a few of us with pharmaceutical backgrounds are now applying our knowledge and experience to this burgeoning sector, setting standards to create smarter, more sophisticated systems to ensure safe, measured doses, and standardized extract formulations.”

Last month, the Israeli government took the first steps towards allowing the export of medical Cannabis products, aiming to encourage new investment and innovation in the field. Kanabo is positioned to leverage this opportunity and target its medically validated VapePodTM vaporizer and targeted formulations to all markets where medical Cannabis is legal, including North and South America, South Africa, Australia, and certain Western European countries.

“We are dedicated to exploring and developing  new plant based therapies and improved methods of administration for unmet needs for the benefit of patient populations.” stated David Tsur. “I am confident in Kanabo Research’s team to develop unique solutions using medical Cannabis.”

About Kanabo Research
Kanabo Research is a medical Cannabis R&D company based in Tel Aviv, Israel that innovates cutting edge solutions for the medical Cannabis industry.  Kanabo develops formulations of medical Cannabis extracts for vaporization that work synergistically with their medically certified vaporizer platform. The drug device combination is designed to deliver the company’s patent-pending formulations to treat specific ailments with precision and consistency.

About VapePodTM
Kanabo Research identified and partnered with a US-based vaporizer company and manufacturer to fill the immediate need for a high-quality, safe, and reliable vaporizer platform.  The superior design of their CCELLTM ceramic core technology maintains formulation quality and consistency while vaporizing. The vaporizer platform is undergoing certification as a medical device (available Q42017), and Kanabo Research holds the sole licensing rights for the medically certified vaporizer outside the United States.

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