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WIRE: ComfyTree to host cannabis workshop in Jacksonville Florida March 25-26

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — ComfyTree, a leader in the rapidly growing cannabis industry, will host a two-day workshop, including their popular Cannabis Academy and Grow School, on Mar. 25-26 at The Crowne Plaza, centrally located by the Jacksonville airport.

The event features a dynamic lineup of speakers from across the country sharing their expertise and experience in the legal cannabis industry. Attendees will receive cannabusiness education ranging from legalization, investing, medical benefits, and more.

“If you’ve ever wondered how cannabis gets from legalization to the home of the patient’s medicine cabinet, if you want to know how you can get involved in the industry, if you’ve ever dreamed about creating the kind of wealth that lasts for generations,” says Elizabeth Seda, director of strategy & operations at ComfyTree Enterprises, “the ComfyTree CannaBazaar is for you. The rules of the game and the composition of the field is still being defined.”

On Mar. 25, the Cannabis Academy includes business education around the industry, including: cultivation and innovation, what it takes to enter the green rush, pitching your idea to investors, and more. And finally, on Mar. 26, the Grow School is a full-day of instruction on growing techniques.

More than 25 states have gone through marijuana reform to decriminalize marijuana, and on Nov. 8, Floridians voted to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

“Mark Twain said ‘During the gold rush it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.’ Our CannaBazaar will reveal the many kinds of pick and shovel businesses available to anyone willing to show up and pioneer the cannabis industry,” says Seda. “The Marijuana Business Journal projects the industry will have an economic impact of $50 billion by 2016. Large pieces of the pie are still up for grabs. Cannabis regulation is good for the country, creating thousands of jobs, not to mention the millions of citizens who will benefit from cannabis as medicine.”

A true start-up organization and supporter of cannabis entrepreneurship, ComfyTree was launched after experiencing the disproportionate barriers to entry into the industry due to pricing, requirements, and laws that privilege the elite class (and ultimately can create a homogenous caste of ownership in the cannabis industry). To date, ComfyTree has provided practical and applicable cannabis education and resources to more than 5,000 individuals in various cities across the U.S. and they’ve helped to inspire and propel hundreds of cannabis businesses into the industry.

In addition to the education provided at the conference, the three-day event will also host a Career Fair Expo that will feature a few vendors ranging from medical practitioners to ancillary cannabis brands. Job opportunities may also be available.

Tickets for the ComfyTree CannaBazaar are $299 for the two-day event and are available at: or by calling: 541-414-4367. (Individual day ticket prices are also available.)

To view the full agenda, register for the event or for more information, please visit:

About ComfyTree
ComfyTree is a bootstrapped, woman and minority-owned organization powered by entrepreneurs. Founded in 2014, ComfyTree formed to meet the rising demands for credible information and education in the cannabis industry. Their top-notch training allows everyday people to become cannabis entrepreneurs and assist current entrepreneurs and working professionals to make a successful transition to the cannabis industry. To learn more, visit:

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