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WIRE: Medical cannabis cultivation center to bring jobs to Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH — A deal is now officially in the books, AGRiMED Industries LLC a Pennsylvania LLC, is proud to announce that it will be filing an application to the Pennsylvania Department of Health for the purpose of obtaining a license to grow and cultivate medical cannabis. The project site is south of the town of Carmichael, Greene County Pa.

It’s an exciting new opportunity to join a budding industry with room for career growth – as we expect to create at least 62 new jobs in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

AGRiMED, a highly specialized medical cannabis cultivation company, will grow its inaugural crop in a new state-of-the-art facility that will help serve patients with medicines derived from cannabinoid compounds.

“The core of our model is the cultivation and processing of medical grade cannabis plants into pharmaceutical medicines that can improve health and wellness to patients in need,” said Bruce Goldman, CEO of AGRiMED. “Through employing world-class professionals in agriculture and technology, we are able to carry out our mission to be a market leader that is rooted in science and centered on superior patient care.”

With a plan to spur economic growth from the time we plant our first seeds, AGRiMED will invest $25 million to cultivate and develop 61 acres in Greene County.

“Spending time meeting with patients, government officials, business leaders, community leaders and law enforcement – one thing can be said: the support has been phenomenal and they understand what this medicine can do for the community,” said Sterling Crockett, Chairman & Chief Diversity Officer of AGRiMED Industries.

“We intend to leverage local sources of energy to create a healthier economic environment for Greene County and leave a smaller carbon footprint on our surrounding community.”

Pennsylvania law states grower-processor facilities must only distribute products to other dispensaries and facilities, and not sell to patients. To comply, AGRiMED will open regional medical cannabis dispensaries to connect patients to the medicine they need.

This gives AGRiMED an added opportunity to bring even more jobs to the Greene County area, with plans to open medical cannabis dispensaries to further stimulate the economy by producing jobs in a community facing news of layoffs.

For additional information or to coordinate an interview with a representative at AGRiMED Industries, please call (413) 247-4633 or email


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