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WIRE: VaePlume launches discreet vape that also works as a pen

SAN JOSE, CA — Inventive Solutions LLC today announced the launch of VaePlume™, the Discreet Integrated Vape and Writing Pen. (

The VaePlume™ integrates a smooth-rolling ball point pen fine writing instrument with a concealed patent-pending vaporizer designed for industry-standard 510 thread 0.5ml and 0.75ml cannabis oil cartridges, resulting in a discreet yet elegant multitasking vaping and writing pen.

Machined from aerospace-quality stainless steel, VaePlume is ready for writing or vaping at any time. VaePlume is designed to meet the needs of the new class of vape pen users as identified by Miner Studios – “social, sophisticated and professional individuals who are actively breaking the ‘stoner’ stereotype and incorporating modern cannabis technologies into their lifestyles.”

Designed for function, elegance and durability, VaePlume is the product of decades of advanced technology equipment engineering and manufacturing expertise applied to developing a discreet vaping device. The form, fit and feel of the VaePlume is evocative of the world’s finest writing instruments, and its stainless-steel machined construction is designed for long life. The elegance of its design, quality of its components and dual vape-writing functionality make it the discreet choice for intelligent vapers.

VaePlume is shipped with the fully-functional pen, battery, charger, and an attractive slip-case. To use VaePlume, install an oil cartridge of choice and simply draw upon the stainless mouthpiece hidden in the ‘cap’ of the pen. With its integrated pressure sensor, there are no buttons to push, and with the powerful lithium ion battery there is no warm up time. With no flashy lights to announce its use, discretion is maintained – and cleaning the stainless steel components is easy.

The standard VaePlume is available online at a retail price of $79.99 from VaePlume will also be available from select distributors and dispensaries. Volume sales inquires should be directed to sales(at)vaeplume(dot)com.

Interested media please email press(at)vaeplume(dot)com.

Replacement ink cartridges, batteries and parts are available from to ensure years of writing and vaping pleasure.

VaePlume allows modern cannabis consumers to practice discretion in living their lifestyle. With its low-key design, quality engineering and dual functionality, VaePlume is the discreet public vape solution.

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