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WIRE: East Anglian cannabis seed company launches new website

NORWICH, England — East Anglia’s leading cannabis seed supplier, The Cannabis Seed Shop, launched its new website.

The website, available at the following URL: is the first designated seed depository and retail supplier to open in the area. Currently the business lists a large variety of different cannabis seed strains for sale in different pack sizes.

The website has been designed to feature various retail sections, allowing visitors to quickly and easily find different products. This includes an area selling seeds for medical usage, as in recent press reports many claims have been made about the benefits of cannabis and one of the active chemicals in the plant, CBD. This substance is now the subject of medical trials to examine its effect on conditions ranging from glaucoma, ME and cancer.

David Graves, The Managing Director of the Cannabis Seed Company had this to say about the business “technological advancements over the past few years has altered the genetics within many strains of cannabis seed. It is therefore important that we preserve these seeds as unique records of each strain.”

Although there are other seed retailers operating in East Anglia, The Cannabis Seed Company is the only dedicated seedbank. The business offers an added value service where a considerable amount of information on the genetic information is supplied with collector packs, whilst competitors simply list over the counter seeds for sale.

Key to the Cannabis Seed Company’s growth is an aggressive pricing strategy, supported by the business’s low overheads from operating in a purely online market, removing the costs associated with a rented or owned location. Currently all its products are available via mail order.

The Cannabis Seed Company is an ethically aware and responsible business that supplies cannabis seeds to collectors for the purpose of preserving genetics. It does not seek to encourage any individuals to use the seeds for the cultivation of living plants.

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