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WIRE: California farmers launch new sungrown cannabis association

California — Today, a group of Californians launched a new organization to represent traditional sun grown Cannabis farmers. The group, called the International Cannabis Farmers Association, is launching by going to Sacramento to meet with lawmakers and regulators to advocate for regulations that promote traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis and its ecological benefits. The group hopes that California will be a model that the rest of the nation can follow.

The International Cannabis Farmers Association is comprised of cannabis farmers, scientists, and stakeholders. The group will work to promote the high quality of traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis products, the ecological benefits such as lower energy use, and the preservation of the heritage established in traditional farming communities.

The association is an organization of, by and for farmers.

The group will begin by:

  • raising public awareness about the benefits of sungrown Cannabis;
  • educating lawmakers and consumers;
  • advocating for public policies that foster safe and legal access to traditionally farmed sungrown Cannabis and Cannabis-derived product;
  • conducting environmental research to show the benefits and ecological superiority of traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis;
  • gathering the data necessary to establish internationally recognized appellations of origin.

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“We are at a critical moment in history for Cannabis policy reform and the future of traditional sun grown cannabis farmers,” said Kristin Nevedal, Chair of the International Cannabis Farmers Association. “Regulatory frameworks often require that therapeutic Cannabis varietals be grown indoors, or in all season greenhouses, despite the overwhelming evidence that traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis is of the highest quality and ecologically superior. This unfortunate trend in public policy has devastating environmental implications and ultimately leaves the unknowing patient and consumer without access to traditionally farmed Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products.”

In the coming months the association will produce scientific research on the environmental benefits of sun grown Cannabis, gather data with the intention of establishing appellations of origin that protect the traditional sun grown Cannabis farmer and launch a consumer-facing campaign to promote the superior quality and ecological benefits of these products.

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