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Strain Sheet: Lebanese Red hash joint from Sitka (Washington)

Lebanese Red hash joint from Sitka (Washington)

Name: Megan and Alex
Product: Lebanese Red hash joint (sativa)
Packaged: 8/26/16
Brand: Sitka
Stats: THC 23.1%  CBD .19% Cannabinoids 26.3%
Onset: 3-5 mins
Fade: 2 hrs
Taste: Bubble Hash
Burn Quality: Smooth
Harshness: Coughed a little bit, not bad tho
Strength: 8
Energy Level: 8
Control: Confident, on point
Focus: Improving from earlier today where I could not focus on anything at all
Relieves: Back pain and cramps
Tingling: None
Emotions: Open-minded, accepting
Paranoia: No
Positive: Relaxing, comforting, yet good daytime pot
Negative: None
Other: We are currently grieving the loss of Alex’s Mother. We found laughter and normality after smoking this together

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