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Strain Sheet: DJ Short Blueberry from WA Grower (Washington)

DJ Short Blueberry from WA Grower (Washington)

Name: Megan and Alex
Strain: DJ Short Blueberry (indica Blueberry varietal)
Grower: WA Grower (Lacey, Washington)
Harvested: 01/11/2017
Stats: THC 25.01%  CBD .22% Total THC 25.01% Total Cannabinoids 25.28%
Onset: 5 mins
Fade: 2 hours
Texture: One big fat dense nug
Smell: Summer days, fresh cut lawns
Taste: Cilantro, spicy
Strength: 7
Energy Level: 8
Control: Just fine
Focus: Able to run errands and stay on task
Emotions: Upbeat, empathetic
Relieves: Laziness
Tingling: Forehead near hairline
Paranoia: No
Positive: Beautiful bud and it lasts a while
Negative: None
Other: I found this strain to be a motivating and upbeat high. Perfect daytime weed. Great to roll up a joint and smoke with friends and go out for the day!

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