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Strain Sheet: Albert Walker wax from Millennium Marijuana (Washington)

Albert Walker wax from Millennium Marijuana

Name: Megan and Alex
Strain: Albert Walker resin (hybrid descendant of Afghan Skunk)
Grower: Millennium Marijuana
Packaged: 11/21/16
Stats: THC 61.8% CBG 1.16% CBD .12% TERPS 8.66% Total: 64.48%
Onset: Right away
Fade: 30-40 mins
Taste: Fresh picked strawberries and passion fruit
Smell: Lemon Lime
Strength: 7
Energy Level: 9 (I went for a brisk walk)
Harshness: It was not harsh
Control: Pretty steady hand and able to keep up while crocheting
Focus: Great
Emotions: Creative, motivated
Paranoia: None
Tingling: Upper back
Relieves: Laziness
Positive: Pretty buds, smells fantastic, malleable, easy to use, inexpensive. The home grown strawberry taste is unforgettable and just so delicious!
Negative: Munchies
Other: The texture was that of small sparkly slabs, imagine THC quartz

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