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WIRE: Fairwinds launches feminine relief suppositories for menstrual cramps

Vancouver, Washington — Fairwinds Manufacturing has released the first cannabis infused suppository for feminine relief available in Washington’s thriving legal cannabis market.

Feminine Relief is the first product of a series of suppositories designed to support specific ‘challenges.’ Feminine Relief is a vaginal suppository that is designed to provide daily and monthly relief support. The suppositories are individually packaged, easy to use, quick to absorb, fast acting and are not designed to provide a psychoactive effect.

The CBD, THCA & THC cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile are optimized to support relaxation and comfort. Feminine Relief utilizes only all natural ingredients including organic cocoa butter, palm oil, cannabis oil extracted from flower and natural herbs chosen for their synergistic relationship with cannabis.

It’s nature’s remedy™

Studies have shown that suppositories provide a 2x absorption efficiency over inhalation and 3x absorption efficiency in comparison to Oral consumption. Vaginal and rectal suppositories are very fast acting, often within 10-15 minutes, with effects often lasting 4-8 hours, however absorption and response varies based on individuals.

Avoiding the gastrointestinal tract prevents firstpass metabolism by the stomach and liver (which metabolize many different molecules into inactive
compounds) allowing the active constituents to reach the blood in much higher concentrations.

The liver transforms approximately half of THC ingested into the significantly more psychoactive metabolite 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol. This molecule causes much more intense cognitive effects than THC. Vaginal and Rectal administration not only avoids these effects, but also allows a much greater proportion of THC to reach the blood stream.


Fairwinds Manufacturing is a licensed Washington State legal cannabis company that focuses on health and wellness inspired products with an emphasis on clean-room technology cultivation and science-based solutions as well
as product and technology development. In accordance with Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board regulations we cannot make medical claims or provide medical advice. Fairwinds works with an amazing team of MD’s, ND’s and scientists whom have years of professional experience with cannabis. Consulting with a medical professional may provide you additional clarification and direction. Contact us for access to their expertise.

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NOTE: The products discussed are not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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