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WIRE: Advantis Corp. to produce Amstercan branded vape pens

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) is launching its own line of premium quality Amstercan vape pens. Laboratory testing confirms that the new formulation of Amstercan vape oils contain the highest concentration of THC, when compared with the top performing brands in the market space.

Advantis began jointly developing these oil strains with medical marijuana cooperative, Natural Elements, back in July of 2016.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer packaging solutions for Natural Elements’ highest quality cannabis strains and oils; as well as our partners at Hemperor’s Club, and all of the cultivators and cooperatives we work with,” Christopher Swartz, Advantis CEO, explained. “We helped develop these concentrates and we are finally packaging and cobranding these four strains of Amstercan vape oils. Amstercan’s most potent oil has a THC concentration over 85% — stronger than almost anything out there. We’ve been helping develop these oils as soon as I began at Advantis.”

Swartz further commented on how adding another proprietary product alongside a more well-known one will allow for a variety of options for Advantis clients.

“I take great pride in what we are doing here,” said Swartz. “We’ve discovered a great synergy with the partners we work with and the products we procure and provide to our growing client base. Advantis is able to pioneer and follow at the same time; delivering innovative new solutions while working with the highest quality partners to ensure Advantis is always associated with only the best of product options.”

Swartz talked about the journey that led to the development of the new strains of Amstercan oils.

“I’ve been in the pain management space for a long time,” Swartz said. “I’ve always worked to find innovative solutions; cannabis, its compounds, and delivery methods are the cutting edge of health and pain management science. We work to make sure these oils are 100% organic from seed to cartridge.”

Swartz elaborated on how he translates his vision into the products he delivers.

“We use the best quality cartridges and materials that don’t leak or have electronic failures. We have a QR code on our containers so consumers can see the lab test results. We’ve created an easy process to switch strains without sacrificing quality or unique flavor. Quality, consistency, and innovation. This is how we build our brands to be a trusted name in the marketplace.”

Swartz commented that Amstercan vape oils should take off as quickly as the cans, themselves. “Like I said, synergy. The same clients that are using our Amstercans and/or rosin presses are now able to purchase the vape pens alongside their current orders.”

Marketing has been a key focus with each product Swartz has rolled out, and he says his efforts get easier as the brand gains traction.

“We are starting a new internet, marketing and media strategy for this launch,” Swartz elaborated. “We have been in communication with a national television producer that is interested in showcasing our company, products, and business model. We are soon to announce a celebrity endorsement. Our manufacturing processes, machinery, and inventory are now at a level where I feel comfortable inviting them in for an interview. I wouldn’t exactly say opportunities like this make things easier, but earned media does help get exposure.”

Swartz ended by saying that there was more to come and that synergy is always at the top of his mind.

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