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Strain Sheet: Blackberry Chem OG from Fireline (Washington)

Blackberry Chem OG from Fireline (Washington)

Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Blackberry Chem OG (Hybrid mix of Blackberry and Chemdawg)(Sold at The Herbery)
Grower: Fireline (Washington)
Onset time: About five minutes
Fade: About an hour and 20 minutes
Strength: Medium to strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Upper back, cheeks, ears, forehead – big forehead tingles.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Euphoric but not fuzzy headed. Control and focus are OK.
Emotions: Calm, happy, relaxed.
Paranoia: No.
Energy level: Medium.
Smell: Berry, some pine.
Relieves: Back pain, cramps, PMS.
Positives: Nice pillowy body buzz – really great for cramps. Light, euphoric head high that keeps you in the moment.
Negatives: None.
Other notes: Very frosty buds – sort of long and loose. Small buds that look hard to trim. The trim is a bit shaggy but not bad considering the consistency of the buds. They’re also a little dry.

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