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WIRE: California company launches heart-shaped Valentines dabs

San Francisco, CA – Fast-growing Bay Area cannabis products company Lola Lola™ today announced the introduction of a flagship heart-shaped cannabis concentrate to the California medical cannabis market, with an eye toward adult-use and nationwide expansion in 2018, according to Lola Lola cofounder Michael Garganese Jr.

With advanced merchandising and the seasonal promotion of its heart-shaped concentrate, Lola Lola is already gearing up for 2018 adult use sales in California just two months after the state passed Prop 64.

“The heart-shaped concentrate isn’t only perfect for Valentine’s Day enjoyment and gift-giving,” Garganese said. “It also typifies our commitment to emphasizing the positives cannabis provides for health and wellbeing. We are a very heart-centered brand.”

Lola Lola’s mission is to demystify cannabis and educate the general public by emphasizing all of its positive psychosocial and physical benefits, while delivering a brand experience that’s inviting and appealing to women, who make up the majority of Lola Lola’s customer base. The heart-shaped product’s branding and packaging is designed to sell it right from the dispensary shelf, and is indicative of maturing merchandising tactics in this very young industry.

The premium-quality concentrate is meant for vaping in a cartridge-less pen or dabbing. Although Lola Lola sells cannabis flower under its brand name, the majority of its product line is produced for vaporizing, or “vaping.”

“As our focus is on the health and wellness aspects of cannabis, we tend to encourage our end users to vape for a number of health-related reasons,” Garganese said. “Vaping enables the avoidance of many irritating respiratory toxins, and 95 percent of the vapors taken in in the vaping process are cannabinoids.”

About Lola Lola

Father-and-son entrepreneurs Mike Garganese Sr. and Michael Garganese Jr. founded Lola Lola in 2015. Garganese Sr. brings to the company a strong background in entrepreneurship, marketing and branding, and mergers and acquisitions. With a degree in business finance from the University of Nevada, Michael Garganese Jr. was recruited by top social media marketing firm Wildfire Interactive, which was acquired by Google in 2012. Garganese spent two years at Google in marketing and sales before being introduced to the emerging cannabis market by his father. After educating himself about cannabis with the help of Oaksterdam University, Garganese Jr. left the tech world to focus full-time on creating quality cannabis products that are welcoming and inviting to the next generation of cannabis users. Through his day-to-day work managing Lola Lola, his mission is to deliver experiences that inspire expansion of the mind, community and overall well being of humankind.




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