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Strain Sheet: Unity Vape from Cedar Creek Cannabis (Washington)

Unity Vape from Cedar Creek Cannabis (Washington)

Reviewer: Sue Vorenberg
Strain: Unity Vape (Hybrid vape oil blend of three signature Cedar Creek strains – Jack Herer, Chem Dawg and OG Kush)(Sold at The Herbery)
Grower: Cedar Creek Cannabis (Washington)
Onset time: About two minutes to kick in, but creeps over the first 10 or so in layers that are reminiscent of each strain in the vape.
Fade: About an hour and a half
Strength: Strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Full face, spine, shoulders, feet, lower back, mid back.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Spacey hyperfocus of a high. There’s a head fog, but you can concentrate through it. Really interesting blend of head effects – both relaxing and foggy but clear at the same time.
Emotions: Happy, curious, focused.
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Good. Ready for action. Jack Herer like energy from that portion of the mix!
Taste: Smooth, citrus, terpy.
Relieves: Back pain, stress, lethargy, stiff muscles.
Positives: Surprisingly strong and nuanced for a vape high. You can sense a bit of each strain in the layered effect – great body buzz from the OG, the sharp head high of the Chem Dawg and the spacey fascination and energy of the Jack Herer. Really great fun stuff!
Negatives: None
Other notes: Cartridge has a great sleek feel to it when attached to the Cedar Creek vape pen.

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