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Strain Sheet: Preroll two-pack day/night from Panacea Cannabis (Washington)

Preroll two-pack day/night from Panacea Cannabis (Washington)


Name: Megan
Strain: Girl Scout Cookie .5g Sativa
Grower: Panacea Cannabis
Harvested: 9/14/16
Stats: THC 22.1%  THCV 2.5%  Total Cannabinoids 24.60%
Onset: 5 mins
Fade: 50-60 mins
Taste: Mango, spicy, tropical
Burn Quality: It burned well most of the time, but ran a little at first.
Harshness: I coughed a little towards the end.
Emotions: Feeling silly, giggly, creative (wanting to color or crochet)
Tingling: Knees, back of arms
Paranoia: None
Control: Pretty good.
Focus: Able to pay attention to new T.V. show, write this, and keep up on everything else really well.
Strength: 7 Med High
Energy Level: 7
Relieves: Neck pain and headache
Positives: Non-drowsy
Negative: Other than it slightly running, no.
Other: This is the other 2pk by Panacea Day/Night. If there are other combinations out there by them, please let me know! : )


Name: Megan
Strain: “God’s Gift” Indica .5g pre-roll
Other Info: Panacea Cannabis Co made 2 (that I know of) Day/Night (Sativa/Indica) 2pk pre-roll packages. This is the “Night” pre-roll.
Harvested: 10/11/16
Stats: THC 25.6%  THCV .1%  CBD .1%  Total Cannabinoids 22.60%
Onset: 4 mins
Fade: 90 mins
Taste: Watermelon jolly rancher
Burn Quality: Very smooth and even all the way through
Harshness: I didn’t cough once
Emotions: Calm, chillaxed
Tingling: My cheeks, forearms and elbows
Paranoia: No
Control: Pretty sleepy, clumsy
Focus: Heavy eyed, slow
Strength: 10! Great sedative and relaxer
Energy Level: 1
Relieves: Takes the edge off of muscle pain in my back
Positive: Perfectly rolled and smooth burning
Negative: None
Other: I am glad I bought the other set, I am pleased with both of them!

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