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WIRE: Washington LCB delays new lab and quality assurance rulemaking

From the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board:

Lab and Quality Assurance Rules Update 

Effective Date

We have received several inquiries on whether the new requirements proposed in the Lab and Quality Assurance rulemaking would be going into effect on February 26, 2017. Due to the volume of public comments and potential improvements identified by WSLCB staff it is anticipated that we will be filing a Supplemental CR-102 to accommodate the proposed changes. This will nullify the proposed effective date.

The Supplemental CR-102 filing will open up another public comment period and require a public hearing before the rules can be adopted and go into effect. As part of this assessment, the Board will also consider a delayed effective date for the new rules to accommodate preparations for the new requirements should they be adopted.

Note Regarding Proposed Timelines
Rulemaking is a fluid process and information, materials and timelines could be subject to change over time. The dates used in proposed timeline documents are tentative and contingent upon whether the steps in the rulemaking occur at the times specified. Changes to the proposed timelines are communicated at Board meetings and through the
Rules Distribution Listserv (email notification)

Emergency Rules
Emergency rules previously adopted regarding pesticide action levels, proficiency testing requirements, and laboratory certification and suspension/revocation requirements remain in effect and will be continued until permanent rules are completed. Emergency rules may be found on the WSLCB’s “Recently Adopted Rules” webpage.

Rulemaking Information
Information on this rulemaking and all WSLCB rulemaking activities is available on our website under “Laws and Rules.” The WSLCB website and the Code Reviser’s website includes all of the most current information on rules in effect and rulemaking in progress. Links to these resources are provided below.

WSLCB Laws and Rules:

Washington State Code Reviser:

  • Access to the Washington State Register
  • Access to rulemaking resources

Washington State Legislature:

  • Access to all current laws (RCWs) and rules (WACs) for Washington
  • Access to bills before the Legislature

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