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Strain Sheet: Dragon OG from Avitas (Washington)

Dragon OG from Avitas (Washington)

Name: Megan and Alex
Strain: Dragon OG (Hybrid)
Harvested: 11/16/16 Best by 11/16/18
Grower: Avitas (Sold at High-5 Cannabis)
Stats: Total THC 18.2%  Total CBD: .15%  TOTAL 22.%
Onset: 2 mins
Fade: 50-60 mins
Taste: Jasmine Green Tea
Smell: Sweet pineapple
Texture: Hard, dense, dry little nugs
Harshness: Very smooth, not harsh
Emotions: Amused, smiley, relaxed
Paranoia: No
Energy Level: 8
Strength: Medium to strong
Control: Not affected
Focus: Did fine going through paperwork
Tingling: On top of my shoulders
Positives: Smelly in an amazing way
Negatives: None other than wishing I had more
Other: Very satisfying weed in every way, looks, nug size, smell, 1g lasted a while and provided a great high!

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