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Strain Sheet: Dub Kush preroll from Hempire (Washington)

Dub Kush preroll from Hempire (Washington)

Reviewer: Megan
Product: “Dub Kush” Preroll (No strain information available, but possibly related to this indica hybrid)(Sold at The Herbery)
Grower:  Hempire (a.k.a. Kettle River Cannabis Co., Washington)
Harvested: 06/23/2016
Stats: THCA 17.7%  THC .1%  CBD .3%  MAX THC 15.6%  Total Cannabinoids 18.1%
Onset: 5-7 mins
Fade: About an hour
Burn Quality: Perfect, smooth and even
Tingling: My tongue!
Emotions: Creative, thoughtful, imaginative
Relieves: Takes the edge off sharp nerve pain
Paranoia: None
Energy Level: 7
Strength: Medium
Control: My thoughts are a bit all over the place as far as trying to plan out my day, the chores that need to be done, errands to run, stuff like that. Control is scattered.
Focus: I am way stoned, trying to narrow down most important tasks of the day is taking more time than it should.
Positives: Burned perfectly
Negatives: The seeds!
Other: Burned great, I feel great, stoned, relaxed and happy! I just wish they would have weeded out the seeds first!

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