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WIRE: Advantis Corp. developing rosin press for home use

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) is currently developing a rosin press designed for home use. The company is adding to its current line up of rosin presses, and is in negotiations to have a well known personality in the cannabis industry represent the Advantis products.

“Advantis is generating revenue and adding to our product lineup at a fever pitch,” Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz stated. “With the continuing success with the sales of the Rosin 6, Nugsmasher, and Nugsmasher Junior rosin presses, we have uncovered demand for a completely untapped market: a smaller, lighter press that independent growers, patients, and users can utilize to create their own rosin.”

Swartz says the company had previously researched the possibility of manufacturing a home-use press, however the market for it seemed thin.

“With rising medical marijuana usage and the new law in California for recreational use… there are thousands of people that grow their own medicine now, and there will be thousands more when the recreational use law takes effect.” Swartz cited information Advantis has accumulated as they have been selling their current lineup of products. “The data is clear. Our buyers and partners relate that they consistently receive requests for a press that is more manageable in size and convenience of use.”

There are currently small presses available in the marketplace, but Swartz says Advantis is developing one that will be more efficient and safer to use.

Advantis sales have grown rapidly as a result of their aggressive marketing efforts. The company has established several partnerships, establishes new clients daily, and is reaching wholesalers through targeted marketing efforts.

“Our sales staff is phenomenal, and we are working on augmenting their efforts by working with a well known personality,” Swartz said. “We have been approached by several celebrities as we were already looking for a spokesperson. We are now in negotiations.”

Swartz concluded by saying the announcement would be made shortly once details of negotiations are finalized. “With sales continuing to climb, new additions to our product mix, and earned press we will get with our celebrity partnerships and/or endorsements, Advantis is about to reach the next level.”

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