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WIRE: Grassworks Digital announces 50th recreational marijuana partnership

SEATTLE — Grassworks Digital is pleased to announce a partnership with BelMar, Bellevue Washington’s premier cannabis retailer. The latest deployment of its Simple Marijuana Menu (SMM) tool marks its 50th site integration in the recreational marijuana retail industry.

In achieving the company’s rapidly expanding market position, Grassworks CEO and co-founder Ryan Porter leveraged strategies he formulated in the highly competitive arena of online automotive retail, adapting proven tactics to the burgeoning recreational marijuana space.

Grassworks’ automated, cloud-based SMM tool helps recreational marijuana retailers attract and retain clients by providing a transformative customer experience.

Greenside Recreational also uses the SMM tool for its Seattle and Des Moines stores, and General Manager Josh Cornutt is an advocate. “Not only has Grassworks’ professional management of our online presence made Greenside more visible to the public, the automated menu has saved us uncountable hours of labor. And since Grassworks also guarantees our customers know what products are available before they come through the door, it ensures seamless customer experience.”

“Providing in-stock product detail in real time to a largely mobile demographic,” offered Porter, “is the type of transparency which can be the difference between losing a customer to the competition and creating a customer that lasts a lifetime.”

While the tool’s ease of use and rapid installation are key components of Grassworks’ early success, the company has also seen an unexpected benefit when it’s displayed on digital signage in retail locations. Because along with streamlining backend operations, its attractive layout makes SMM a powerful showroom selling tool. The new online ordering system, which allows customers to place their orders to retailers so the order is ready when they arrive, is the latest development in Grassworks’ next-generation cannabis technology.

After initially launching in Washington State, Grassworks has recently expanded into Oregon, and is confident about the road ahead. “The feedback from our clients has been incredible,” says Porter. “In 2017, we’re going to continue to deliver time-tested solutions to the exploding recreational marijuana space.”

About Grassworks Digital:

Grassworks Digital is the industry’s leading source in original managed content, SEO and automated menu technology for recreational cannabis retailers.


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