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WIRE: Legislation pending to introduce home grows in Washington


Washington state Representative Sherry Appleton has introduced legislation, HB 1092: The Adult Home Grow & Criminal Reduction Bill, to allow adults the option to legally cultivate personal use amounts of marijuana in a private residence.

If enacted, the measure would permit an adult to grow up to six plants on their private premises, so long as the yield from those plants totals no more than 24 ounces of marijuana. Homes with more than one adult are allowed either 12 plants or 48 ounces of usable cannabis.

Presently, eight states permit adults to obtain marijuana via retail sales. All of these states except Washington also permit adults the option to cultivate cannabis.

NORML believes that criminalizing the personal cultivation of cannabis is an arbitrary prohibition that has absolutely no basis in public safety.

Click here to contact your elected officials to urge them to support this measure.

For more information about this bill and other pending legislation, please contact Washington NORML.

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