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Strain Sheet: Lemon Sour Diesel from NW Custom Chronic (Washington)

Lemon Sour Diesel from NW Custom Chronic

Reviewer: Megan
Strain: Lemon Sour Diesel  (hybrid cross of Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1)(Sold at The Herbery)
Grower: NW Custom Chronic (a.k.a. New Horizon Holdings) (Woodland, Washington)
Info: 2 grams $18 from The Herbery I-5
Stats: THCA 21.92% CBD 0.01%  Total Active Cannabinoids 23.8%
Smell: Pungent, sweet, stony, earthy
Taste: Clean, tangy
Onset: 3 mins
Fade: Over an hour
Texture: Perfect cotton ball sized round nugs
Tingling: None
Relieves: Stress, anxiety, takes the edge off my back pain (muscle tension)
Paranoia: None
Control/Focus: Pretty good
Strength: Strong
Emotions: Confident, motivated
Positives: This weed looks, smells, tastes, cost and just is amazing and beautiful!
Negatives: I want more! I feel sad now that a have a small bowl left! If The Herbery has this when I go back, I am going to have to buy it!
Other Comments: This is truly some of the best flower I have had/seen in a while! The price is even more incredible!

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