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Strain Sheet: Grand Daddy Purple wax from Buddy Boy Farm (Washington)

Grand Daddy Purple wax from Buddy Boy Farm

Name:  Megan
Strain: Grand Daddy Purple wax (Indica hybrid of Purple Urkle and Big Bud)(Purchased at High-5 Cannabis)
Grower: Buddy Boy Farm (Ionic)(Spokane, Washington)
Stats: THC 74.55% CBD 2.86%  Total 77.89%
Onset: Right Away! In A Big Way!!
Fade: About an hour
Smell: Cookie dough, hint of incense.
Taste: It was sweet, no particular flavor profile
Tingling: Lightly in upper ears
Strength: Strong
Control: Self-restraint was actually do-able
Focus: On point
Emotions: Determined, focused
Paranoia: No
Harshness: Harsh to take in. Alex and I both coughed a bit.
Forms of use: Nectar Collector, Banger (the banger provides that insta-high)
Texture: Liquid oil
Positives: Easy to smoke with Nectar Collector
Negatives: Alex and I are sick so it makes it kind of difficult to really tell how harsh it is, or if that is just because our throats are sore already.
Other Comments: I can feel a harsh, yet tolerable kind of warmth on the roof of my mouth and tingling in my nostrils. Almost like if there were a pleasant way to breathe in water.

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