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WIRE: Americanna to use Pure Distillate THC extract in edibles

BOULDER, CO — Edibles leader Americanna, which already sets industry standards with its in-house grow facility and on-site extraction program, now takes edibles quality to new highs with Pure Distillate, the result of an ambitious technical process that distills oil into clean THC.

With Pure Distillate, Americanna now infuses its confections with the highest-quality extract not only in Colorado, but nationwide.

“Distillation is not cheap, and it adds yet another time-consuming step in our garden-to-gummy approach, but it leads to the best extract in the edibles marketplace,” said Americanna founder and CEO Dan Anglin. “No other edibles manufacturer takes quality-control to these lengths. We are thrilled to offer Pure Distillate-infused confections to Colorado’s growing and competitive edibles marketplace.”

Americanna technicians infuse all of the company’s new CannaPuffs confections with Pure Distillate. The company is ramping-up Pure Distillate production to be able to infuse all of the Gummies with Pure Distillate as well. By the end of the year, Americanna anticipates that all of the THC oil in every CannaPuff and Gummy will be Pure Distillate.

The science behind Pure Distillate is similar to that used to make spirits like whiskey and tequila, in which heat separates alcohol from everything else found in the fermented mash. With Pure Distillate, laboratory equipment leverages heat to remove compounds other than THC that are found in decarboxylated cannabis oil. By the time the laboratory equipment reaches THC’s high boiling point, other compounds have already been turned to vapor by the heat before rising, condensing, and then dripping into containers.

The result is the cleanest THC oil in the marketplace, and one that does not insert unwelcome flavors into confections.

“Our quality-first strategy, combined with our campaign for affordability, has led to dramatic growth and expansion since we launched on 4/20,” said co-founder Frank Falconer. “Now that our Pure Distillate program is in place, we are ready for even more expansion in Colorado while we seek partners to help launch Americanna in other states.”

About Americanna: With an emphasis on quality, precision dosing, responsibility and affordability, Americanna gummies are the first gummy products in Colorado to meet strict state standards for compliance that took effect in the fall of 2016. Americanna grows its own cannabis without harmful pesticides, uses only valuable first-run Pure Distillate in its products, employs a custom approach to precision dosing that ensures products contain reliable amounts of THC and offers only pot-leaf shaped gummies to help broadcast that the candies contain THC.


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