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WIRE: Denver Consulting Group helps Alaska cannabis grower get license approval

PORTLAND, Ore. — Denver Consulting Group (DCG), the nation’s leading cannabis industry consultancy, announced that its client, Bob’s Morning Bear Cultivation, has been awarded an Alaska recreational marijuana growers license. DCG Northwest took the lead on the project.

DCG has been working with company owner, Brennan Norden, to craft the application, conduct site studies, develop cultivation protocols, establish business practices, and provide consultation pertaining to the legal marijuana industry and Alaska’s complex cannabis regulations.

Norden, a well-known figure in Alaska, has competed in the prestigious Iditarod race, and has been business owner and river guide for over 16 years.

“I thank the team at Denver Consulting Group for their expert guidance and co-management of this project,” Norden said. “They not only have a depth of expertise in the cannabis industry, but they are also great people, and I look forward to having them in my circle of advisors for years to come.”

Justin Jones, Co-Founder of Denver Consulting Group and Manager of DCG Northwest, said that Alaska is new frontier for the cannabis industry. “We are pleased that we were able to help Bob’s Morning Bear obtain a cultivation license, and look forward to continuing to work with them,” he said. “There are many complexities to Alaska’s cannabis regulations, and our team has the experience to help new cannabis businesses gain approval, operate smoothly, stay in compliance, and maximize profitability.”

DCG also implemented and trained the facility on the Franwell Metrc system, which provides seed-to-sale tracking through RFID technology. Additionally, DCG’s in-house design team is developing the logo and marketing for Bob’s Morning Bear, building it as Alaska’s premier cannabis brand.

For information on Denver Consulting Group’s marijuana business services, call 720-890-7344, or visit:

To reach DCG Northwest – Cannabis Consultants in Portland, serving Washington, Oregon and Alaska, call: 503-862-3030

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Denver Consulting Group (DCG), the nation’s premier cannabis consulting service, helps marijuana businesses get established, stay compliant, and thrive. Services include license applications, location permitting, build-outs, grow optimization, training, SOPs, packaging, and compliance auditing.

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