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WIRE: Advantis Corp. Amstercan sales increase three-fold

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT), announced that Speedweed, California’s Largest marijuana delivery service, placed their first product reorder this week. The company has tripled its previous order and expects to purchase two to three hundred Amstercans each month.

Speedweed initially tested the packaging with a smaller order, and Speedweed CEO, AJ Gentile, had no doubt in the product’s potential success. “We thought this technology was the future of cannabis packaging, and according to how fast we sold out of our initial test order, we were right,” Gentile proudly stated. “Amstercan is set to be a staple brand sold by Speedweed.”

Their initial order was the co-branded OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, and Blue Dream strains produced by Advantis partner, Natural Elements. The OG Kush sold out within the first three days and the rest within the first week.

Advantis is working on developing working relationships with other growers and cooperatives as it continues to work with Natural Elements to co-brand additional top shelf products. Advantis CEO, Christopher Swartz, said that he was excited about the relationship he is currently building with Speedweed, saying, “This is fantastic news, and a great start. As we develop the relationship with Speedweed, we hope to have the opportunity to place more of their products in Amstercans.”

Swartz went on to explain his strategy to increase sales further. “We have already been meeting with several growers and cooperatives to create co-branded strains for Amstercans. These relationships take time, care… trust must be built. One of the most respected agricultural experts in the industry, Master Grower Indoor Organic Gardens, is one such budding relationship.” Swartz commented that the Organic Garden’s first co-branded black-label premium cannabis is being packaged for delivery this week.

Swartz related that Organic Gardens and others Advantis is working with all share the vision of how important Amstercan technology is to ensure quality, freshness, and product preservation; ultimately instilling the comfort that comes with a trusted brand name.

“This is the present and this is the future,” Swartz said. “The industry has been looking for Amstercan technology for some time. A marketing solution. A preservation solution. Space for legal language. Every potential partner we speak with believe Amstercans will be commonplace in the very near future, especially as more strict label and packaging laws take effect.”

Swartz added that sales will significantly increase as existing partners expand and their members begin sampling the products. “Speedweed expects to sell a few hundred Amstercans each month, and we expect that to rise as word spreads.” Swartz concluded by relating that recent marketing efforts are presenting new opportunities to place Amstercans into greater circulation.

Links to Advantis websites can be found at,, and Also, check out our new partner Indoor Organic Gardens.

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