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WIRE: Denver Consulting Group opens new division focused on California cannabis

DENVER — DCG (, the nation’s leading cannabis industry consultancy, announced that it has opened a new division focused exclusively on the California marijuana sector. The division will be led by Greg Gamet, company Co-Founder and Lead Consultant.

California recently passed Proposition 64, which made cannabis legal for adults age 21 and over.  “California’s cannabis laws changed dramatically overnight, and new regulations will significantly impact both existing marijuana businesses as well as those looking to enter the state,” Gamet said. “We are uniquely capable of providing guidance to assure that any cannabis business is operating correctly, successfully and profitably.”

The Denver Consulting Group’s team consists of leading dispensary owners, growers, lawyers, real estate experts, compliance professionals, and authorities on packaging, child-safety, and regulations. It is the most experienced, well-rounded and robust team of marijuana consultants in the industry.

Gamet, who won the Cannabis Industry Entrepreneur of the Year Award, said that operating a successful cannabis business in California is highly complicated.

“We not only have to contend with federal and state laws, but many cities in California are developing their own set of regulations for cannabis-related businesses,” he said. “It has become highly challenging for people to even obtain access to the myriad of laws that will impact cannabis businesses, let alone foresee the operational issues that will ensue.”

Accordingly, Denver Consulting Group (DCG) has developed a new division devoted to helping people within the California cannabis market move into the new, highly regulated system. The company also provides complete turnkey solutions for entrepreneurs or businesses looking to start a cannabis company or relocate to California.

Gamet will speak about the California cannabis market at the Marijuana Business Conference, November 16-18, booth #242.

For information on Denver Consulting Group’s California Cannabis Consulting, call 720-890-7344, or visit:

About Denver Consulting Group (DCG)

Denver Consulting Group (DCG) is the nation’s premier cannabis consulting service, helping marijuana businesses get established, stay compliant, and thrive. Services include license applications, location permitting, build-outs, grow optimization, training, SOPs, packaging, and compliance auditing.

DCG has offices in Denver and Portland, and serve clients nationwide.



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