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WIRE: Prohibition Gold releases Topshotz powdered cannabis culinary mixer

SEATTLE — Prohibition Gold™, a Seattle-based marijuana company, announces a revolutionary new product in the legal recreational market. Topshotz™ is a single gram of virtually tasteless powder that infuses any food item with 10mg of THC when sprinkled on top.


This new product turns the marijuana edible industry upside down just as this new consumer market is developing. Currently THC-infused foods must compete with all the non-infused food choices people already enjoy. Topshotz eliminates that competition.

This is a game changer for marijuana consumers. “There’s nothing like it,” said co-founder Tom Williams. “People are so diverse in what they choose to eat. We wanted to add another dimension without altering flavors or adding any gluten, sugar, fat, or sodium.”

Traditionally marijuana leaves were cooked in oil or butter to make “pot” brownies with unpredictable potencies and off flavors. “Now, all that changes,” Williams said. “Just a quarter teaspoon of Topshotz powder sprinkled on top of whatever you’re eating makes cooking cannabis obsolete.”

Founders Tom Williams and Greg Walters took an entirely different approach from the beginning. “We just kept simplifying until there wasn’t much left but the THC. Then we thought perfect, now people can use it however they want,” said Walters. “It’s so versatile, maybe on a main dish one day, a dessert or snack the next. We’ve yet to find anything it doesn’t work with.”

Earlier this year, the company released its first product called Potshotz™, a neutral tasting powder that dissolves in beverages. With just these two products, Walters joked that it was fun to walk down grocery aisles thinking how virtually every item you see can now be easily infused with THC.

Prohibition Gold’s offerings could change how people view marijuana by making it more mainstream in American cuisine. Eight states have now repealed the prohibition on marijuana and one in five Americans will now have legal access to recreational cannabis. As this new world takes shape, a single dash of powder can change every item on a store shelf and any dish or beverage at the Thanksgiving table, causing a cultural shift this holiday season.

Next on the horizon for Prohibition Gold is Zzzshotz™ a neutral tasting drink mixer designed as a sleep aid.

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