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Strain Sheet: Dorado Orient Express Wax from American Farms (Washington)

Dorado Orient Express Wax from American Farms


Name: Megan and Alex
Product: Dorado Orient Express BHO Wax
Company: American Farms (Tiller)(Available at High 5 Cannabis)
Smell: Cranberry Juice Cocktail, Sweet
Taste: Spicy THC
Onset: two mins
Fade: 90 mins
Form of use: Banger, nectar collector (N.C worked better)
Tingling: Inner right ear
Strength: Medium
Emotions: Relaxed, at ease, calm
Paranoia: No
Harshness: Coughed a bit, not to much
Control: Just fine
Focus: On point
Relieves: This is the most inexpensive, high quality, THC and CBD concentrate I have ever had! It relieves everything from my knotted up back (the pain of) my neck, my tense muscles are more loose and flexible. It’s really nice!
Positives: Everything!!
Negatives: Been a little sick, so that makes it hard to use my senses accurately
Other: After I felt better I smoked more of this and was able to taste the different flavor profiles. On a fresh palette, it was spicy with a sweet candied flavor.


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