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WIRE: OLCC releases deadline list for Oregon recreational marijuana program

From the Oregon Liquor Control Commission:

The sale of limited marijuana retail products to consumers at Oregon Medical Marijuana Program registered dispensaries will end December 31, 2016.

Beginning January 1, 2017 recreational consumers will only be able to make legal purchases of recreational marijuana at Oregon Liquor Control Commission licensed retailers.

This affects growers, processors and dispensaries in the Oregon Health Authority OMMP that plan to continue operating in the OMMP or that are currently operating in the OMMP and plan to transition to the OLCC regulated market.

Both agencies expect a surge of applications and registrations as the end of “early start” recreational sales nears at OMMP registered dispensaries. Marijuana industry businesses that require registration or licensure should submit their application materials to the OHA or OLCC as soon as possible.

It takes the OLCC approximately 75 days to process a Recreational Marijuana license application. Within a few days of submission an application is reviewed for a completed Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) that has been approved by the applicant’s local jurisdiction. If an approved LUCS was not submitted, the OLCC will contact the applicant and request to submit a LUCS. An application is not assigned for investigation until the OLCC receives an approved LUCS.

Applications must also be complete in order to be processed in a timely manner. A complete application includes not only inputting information into the online system, but completing all necessary forms by license type as well. All required forms are located on OLCC’s website. Failure to complete or submit this required information will likely further delay the processing of an application.

Before you are considered an OLCC licensee you must apply and receive a physical license for the activity you wish to engage in. An application itself does not allow you to begin producing, processing, wholesaling or selling products at a retail location.
Medical processors that plan to remain in the OMMP please refer to this notice from the OHA regarding registration requirements.

Processors migrating from the OMMP to OLCC licensure need to complete an inventory transfer by December 31, 2016.

Dispensaries migrating from the OMMP to OLCC licensure may transfer any marijuana item if:
The items comply with packaging, labeling and testing rules;
The items do not exceed concentration limits for retail adult use unless the prospective licensed retailer is registering to sell medical grade products.
The inventory transfer request is reviewed and approved by OLCC prior to the applicant being licensed.

OLCC Recreational Marijuana Licensing website

For More Information:
Phone: 503-872-5000
Toll Free: 800-452-6522

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