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WIRE: Le Herbe launches new flavors and labeling for infused cold brew coffee

Sarasota, FLLe Herbe, manufacturer of ultra premium cannabis beverages, introduces new flavors and label refresh to cold brew coffee product line.

These all-natural cannabis beverages are growing exponentially as consumers prefer a healthy alternative to smoking, vaping, and unhealthy edible products in states that have legalized cannabis for medical and/or recreational-use. This discreet form of consumption is not only scientifically sound and have medically accepted principles, it is also gaining the attention of mainstream beverage companies and distributors that see cannabis as a huge opportunity for growth.

Coffee and cannabis have a lot of similarities that go beyond the mere fact that both plants are grown by mother nature. For instance, quality characteristics depend greatly on genetics, dedicated farmers, and terroir. The associated flavor, aroma, and effects are exuded in every crop and every drop. The combination of these exceptional plant species have been a staple in the cannabis community for decades. A prime example of this utopia is located in Amsterdam, “After years of going to the cannabis cup in Amsterdam and visiting numerous coffee shops like Mellow Yellow and 420 Café you come to appreciate this delicacy”, said Marc LaRoche, CEO, Le Herbe. Unlike the USA, coffee shops in Amsterdam are licensed to sell small quantities of cannabis to adults over 18, encouraged to consume for health benefits and socialize on-premise.

Cannabis beverages are growing strong with new opportunities, scientific breakthroughs, and the race to build a national brand. While many cannabis companies have tried and failed to infuse cannabis in coffee as a ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage, Le Herbe has excelled with all-natural formulations developed in-house. “Coffee is the perfect pairing with cannabis and has been a tremendous opportunity in the industry to differentiate from the competition.” said LaRoche. Le Herbe’s cold brew coffee now comes in 3 different flavors. The first type is called “Pure Black”, which is an unsweetened blend of certified organic coffee beans, 10 mg of sun-grown cannabis, and purified water. The second type of cold brew coffee is called “Sweet Dreams”, which includes sweetened condensed coconut milk with a special blend of coffee beans that have caramel and vanilla notes. The last type is simply called “Amsterdam”, which pays homage to the great folks in the Netherlands. This single origin cold brew coffee is stronger than the two previous types, unsweetened, 50 mg of sun-grown cannabis, and has a special blend of spices that give it a consistent and divine taste.

The beverage segment is clearly in a position to takeover the cannabis industry now that about half the country has either medical and/or recreational legalization. Recent polls of millennials suggest consumers prefer a discreet form of consumption rather than the traditional smoking route. This should not come as a surprise as smoking bans, well informed consumers, and legalization in the USA is changing the way you consume cannabis. Even though the bulk of current edible products sold are junk food, this fad will soon subside once you look at the science of cannabis and the mere fact consumers prefer drinking a healthy beverage daily rather than eating sugar filled cookies, candy, and gummy bears.

About Le Herbe

Le Herbe opened for business on December 1, 2014. This private and family-owned company is pioneering all-natural cannabis beverages with patent-pending and proprietary processes of infusing cannabis oil in water with a non-alcoholic solution. The team is comprised of exquisite talent in the field of cannabis cultivation, cannabinoid extraction, food science, bottling automation, and logistics. The love of cannabis combines individual traits into a respected company ethos and four basic principles: backed by the science of cannabis, people over profits, quality over quantity, and disruptive innovation. Le Herbe is the founding member of the Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA), an exclusive group of cannabis beverage manufacturers that help beverage start-ups and lobby for better regulations, and author of the white paper “The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages”.

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