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Strain Sheet: Tangie from Doc & Yeti (Washington)

Tangie from Doc & Yeti


Reviewer: Megan
Strain: Tangie (Sativa cross of California Orange and Skunk) (Sold at The Herbery)
Grower: Doc & Yeti (Washington)
Harvested: 09/08/2016
Stats: THC 17.29%  CBD .08%  Total Cannabinoids  18.67%
Smell: Very light citrus aroma. I was expecting to pop the seal and get a potent punch in the noggin. Instead I had to stick my nose into the broke open nug to discover a hint of anything at all.
Taste: Orange icing, tea-like aftertaste
Onset: 3 mins
Fade: 40 mins
Strength: Very low (good for beginners)
Texture: Dense in center, fluffier on outside
Tingling: On tongue after joint
Paranoia: No
Control: Competent
Focus: Able to stay focused
Emotions: Relaxed, “pink cloud” feeling
Positives: Not harsh, functional, non-drowsy
Negatives: Either my sense of smell is paralyzed or that was scent-free weed specially made for getting away with stuff like sneaking in a smoke in the bathroom when you don’t want others to know you’re toking up.
Other: This bud was very colorful, beautiful, and enticing to look at with its amber hairs, THC resin that imitates Swarovski crystals and the brilliant mixture of purple tones and shades of light green underneath it all. This cannabis truly is a work of botany art.


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