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Strain Sheet: Lucid Dreams preroll from Deepwater Botanicals (Washington)

Lucid Dreams preroll from Deepwater Botanicals


Reviewers: Megan & Alex
Strain: Lucid Dreams (Sativa) 1g pre-roll (purchased at High 5 Cannabis)
Company/Grower: Deepwater Botanicals LLC
Onset: 3 mins
Fade: 30 mins
Burn quality: Burned evenly, however we coughed all the way thru
Emotions: Chilled out, relaxed
Relieves: Pressure (mentally) allows me to work and recreate at the same time
Control/Focus: On target, able to enjoy and pay attention to the documentaries I was watching and work.
Strength: Medium
Paranoia: None
Tingling: Slightly on arms, his face and chest
Positives: I got myself waaay stoned 🙂 it was free, smoked great!
Negatives: Harsh! We coughed and coughed the whole way thru. However coughing is a part of the gig, so the only negative about the experience was the excessiveness of the coughing
Other Notes: We smoked this while watching the documentary, “Call Me Lucky.” It is an intense film about Barry Crimmons, a comedian with a horrible childhood experience, that has shaped him along the way. “Comedy comes from pain too.” – A friend of Barry

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