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Strain Sheet: Wawoo Cookies Shatter from Hempire (Washington)

Wawoo Cookies Shatter from Hempire (Washington)


Reviewers: Megan and Alex
Strain: Wawoo Cookies Shatter (Sold at The Herbery and High 5 Cannabis)
Grower: Hempire (a.k.a. Kettle River Cannabis Co., Washington)
Made: 9/17/16
Stats: THCA 83.5 % THC 8.2% CBD.5% MAX THC 81.4%  Total Cannabinoids: 92.2%
Smell: Like mulling spices
Taste: Pumpkin spice with an orange/tangerine aftertaste. Alex said the taste was more fruity with the vape pen
Onset: 2 minutes
Fade: About 45 minutes
Tingling: Cheeks, whole face
Paranoia: No
Emotions: Very stoned and tired! It was after midnight when I tried this. However I enjoyed my high, made a second dinner and slept like a rock.
Relieves: Neck pain, cramps, takes edge off of my depression
Form(s) of use: Nectar Collector, and banger
Texture: Pull n Snap. Sort of annoying to use,  but worth the mess
Strength: Potent!
Control/Focus: I was able to multi-task well
Positives: Would buy again. It provides a lovely, functional, heady high.
Negatives: Messy. But perhaps we just need to give in and actually purchase good quality dabbing utensils!
Harshness: Let’s just say, Alex wasn’t doing too hot after a huge banger bong hit! However I took 2 equivalent hits and was fine.  


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