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Strain Sheet: Euphoric Blue Wappa wax from Green Ghost (Washington)

Euphoric Blue Wappa wax from Green Ghost (Washington)


Reviewer: Megan and Alex
Strain: “Euphoric Blue Wappa Wax” (Available at High-5 Cannabis and Mary Jane’s House of Grass)(Washington)
Grower: Green Ghost (Washington) (Processed by WOW Industries – Washington)
Date Produced: 9/30/16
Stats: THC 60.9%  THCA 64.16% CBD 9.66
Smell: Peach hard candies or gummi-o’s
Taste: There are several flavors; peppery, stony. Then there is a smooth transition into sweet, like an orange flavored black tea.
Onset: Nectar collector, right away, banger, 3-5 mins
Fade: About 75 mins
Texture: Waxy, stretchy,
Tingling: None
Emotions: I feel proud after I did a good deed for someone, also generous, uplifted
Strength: Strong, a little stronger when using a nectar collector.
Control/Focus: Just fine and able to knock out work at a respectable pace
Relieves: (and or “allows”) me to be more physically flexible and comfortable
Positives: Great High CBD percentage! Rarely have I seen anything being flower or herb that had a high CBD count as well as high THC.
Negatives: Sort of difficult to get desired amount on dab tool, although we have been lazy and just use the ones that come with something else. So that’s our own fault
Form(s) of use: Banger for me. Alex coughed and coughed in pain, however Alex was able to enjoy it thru either a vape or the nectar collector
Other Notes: The nectar collector seemed to have provided more flavor profiles, due to the smooth draw, and half as much to take in.


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