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Strain Sheet: AK 420 from HFF (Washington)

AK 420 from HFF (Washington)


Reviewer: Megan
Strain: AK 420 (sativa) (sold at High 5 Cannabis)
Grower: HFF
Harvested: 09/20/2016
Stats: Total cannabinoids 26%
Smell: Like it was just harvested
Taste: Savory
Onset: 5-6 minutes
Fade: Unable to really tell
Tingling: None
Strength: Light (smoked two bong bowls)
Form of use: Bong bowls and 2 joints
Emotions: I feel content, cozy
Paranoia: None
Texture: Dense, tight buds, sugary, gorgeous
Relieves: Not having a lot of weed for a good price
Control: Great, good for multi-tasking
Focus: Pretty good, distractions come and go
Positives: Beautiful, inexpensive, would buy again
Negatives: Possibly sold a little bit too soon after harvest, the THC just isn’t coming thru as the STATS say..
Other notes: This is not rolling weed, it was very harsh

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