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Strain Sheet: Quiet Night wax from Black Dog (Washington)

Quiet Night wax from Black Dog (Washington)


Reviewers: Alex and Megan
Product Info: Honu makes the product for High 5‘s very own house concentrates.
Product Name: “Black Dog” (After the owner’s dog “Preston”). Comes in two varieties. We tried “Quiet Night.”
Stats: Total Cannabinoids 84.25%
Smell: I wanted to eat it! It smells like THC in its purest form.
Taste: Caramelly, salty
Onset: Within about five minutes after two hits
Fade: About 30 minutes
Texture: Pull ‘n snap
Harshness: Took two fat hits without coughing
Form(s) of use: Bucket – great hits, gives me that good kick I like.
Control/Focus: Unimpaired
Emotions: Thoughtful
Strength: Medium to strong
Paranoia: None
Relieves: Tossing and turning while sleeping
Positives: Perfect desired dab hit
Negatives: I will not be trying the other variety because too much was lost in the paper. I froze it, tried using the nectar collector on it and nothing worked.


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