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Strain Sheet: Leslie Chow wax from Smokey Point Productions (Washington)

Leslie Chow wax from Smokey Point Productions (Washington)


Reviewers: Alex and Megan
Strain: Leslie Chow BHO wax (indica)(Sold at High-5 Cannabis)
Grower: Smokey Point Productions (a.k.a. The Clone Zone, Washington)
Info: Manufacture date 9/22/16 – Cannabinoid Total 95.5%  CBD 1%
Smell: I could smell it before I got it all the way out of the bag. Very citrus like, more on the sweet lemon side of citrus. Potent.
Taste: Smooth, fresh. Tasted like what the center of a nug you just broke open smells like.
Onset: 1-2 minutes
Fade: About 90 minutes (depending on how many hits you take) – I did 4-5 dabs
Form of use: Banger.
Tingling: I didn’t feel any, Alex says his forehead is tingly.
Harshness: At 95.5% I’d expect a coughing fit! I was relieved when Alex didn’t need an inhaler afterwards, and that I barely coughed at all!
Emotions: Wowed! Happy!
Texture: Crumbly, powdery, a lot like the texture of brown sugar
Paranoia: No
Relieves: That feeling of being overwhelmed
Control: Seems to be on point, but then I spaced out for a minute fidgeting with a piece of tape.
Focus: Still pretty good for smoking a few good hits of almost 96% THC Cannabinoids
Positives: One gram of this comes out to being quite a bit of product because it’s light and powdery.
Negatives: Kinda hard to get on my dab utensil
Other Notes: Very smooth, huge hits! It is a bit difficult to stay on task, but that comes and goes. Alex says ” I got an instant head high,” after a smooth hit, and he feels it creeping down his back.


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