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WIRE: OWC Pharmaceutical develops medical cannabis sublingual tablet

PETACH TIKVA, Israel — OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OTCQB: OWCP), (“OWC” or the “Company”), an Israeli-based developer of cannabinoid-based therapies targeting a variety of different medical conditions and disorders, today announced that it has completed the development of a proprietary, cannabinoid-enriched sublingual tablet (the “Tablet”) for the administration of medical cannabis.


The technology behind the Tablet is protected and provides for the ingestion of virtually any dosage of medical cannabis with a sublingual delivery mechanism, whereby the compounds are absorbed directly into the patient’s blood through oral epithelial tissue.  The Tablet also enables physicians to safely and accurately monitor the dosage and treatment of each individual patient, something that is essentially impossible to do for patients who administer cannabis by smoking.

The Company is working towards having the Tablet approved by the Israeli Medicinal Cannabis Unit under the Ministry of Health office for use within the country’s sanctioned medical cannabis program, as well as talking with potential licensees of the technology in the United States.  Longer term, management expects to establish clinical tests of the Tablet in protocols for Multiple Myeloma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Fibromyalgia.

Development of the Tablet was overseen by the Company’s Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs, Dr. Yehuda Baruch, who established and served as the first Head of the Israeli Ministry of Health’s Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Program from 2003 through 2013. During his tenure, Dr. Baruch treated more than 15,000 patients in Israel with cannabis.

Dr. Baruch commented on the announcement, “Although smoking is the most common way of dosing medical cannabis, while serving as Head of the Israeli Ministry of Health’s Medical Cannabis Program, I observed that about fifteen percent of eligible patients do not use medical cannabis because they cannot, or do not want to smoke it. What’s more, smoking is not particularly effective for some conditions. We developed the tablet to facilitate the bioavailability and administration of our cannabis formulations to patients. Consistent and accurate dosing is critical to the successful treatment of any condition, and our Tablet is able to deliver that.”


Ziv Turner, OWC’s CEO, also commented, “We expect that there is a substantial number of eligible patients who are uncomfortable smoking cannabis for medical purposes in the United States as well as other regions, leaving a large segment of the patient population without real access to treatment. We believe our tablet is a preferable administrative method for those, and many other patients, and will make a real difference in the way cannabis is administered.”

Mr. Turner went on to say, “We are already in discussion with the Ministry of Health here in Israel, and we have been solicited by a number of licensee candidates looking to bring the technology to the States. Of course we will have to pursue the US market on a state by state basis, as regulations allow.”

About OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp.  

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp., through its wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary, One Word Cannabis Ltd., (collectively “OWC” or the “Company”) conducts medical research and clinical trials to develop cannabis-based pharmaceuticals and treatments for conditions including multiple myeloma, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, PTSD, and migraines. OWC is also developing unique delivery systems for the effective delivery and dosage of medical cannabis. All OWC research is conducted at leading Israeli hospitals and scientific institutions, and led by internationally renowned investigators.

The Company’s Research Division is focused on pursuing clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of cannabinoids for the treatment of various medical conditions, while its Consulting Division is dedicated to helping governments and companies navigate complex international cannabis regulatory frameworks.  For more information, visit:

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