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Strain Sheet: Machine Gun preroll from Prohibition Brands (Washington)

Machine Gun preroll from Prohibition Brands


Reviewer: Megan
Product: Machine Gun Blueberry “oil and kief joint”
Grower: Prohibition Brands Marijuana Blending Co. (Washington)(sold at High 5 Cannabis)
Harvest Date: 7/29/16
Stats: “Made with 75% total THC oil” CBD .66%  THC 33.01%
Onset: Halfway thru smoking it I was getting pretty stoned
Fade: About 90 mins
Smell: Hashy
Taste: Had to tell, there was a lot going on. Not to mention it was hard to keep it from running between every puff
Harshness: Was not harsh at all. Very smooth smoke
Burn Quality: Fixer upper
Strength: Medium
Tingling: No
Paranoia: No
Positives: I did get high, but it wasn’t particularly notable.
Negatives: This was not even a quarter true (based on the hype, the advertisement) It was expensive and nothing special at all.

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