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Strain Sheet: Space Candy preroll from Orgrow (Washington)

Space Candy preroll from Orgrow


Reviewer: Megan
Product: Space Candy .75g preroll (Purchased at High-5 Cannabis)(Washington)
Grower: OrGrow (Washington)
Stats: Total Cannabinoids: 17.8% Total THC & THCA 17.5%  CBD .09%
Onset: About 5-7 mins
Fade: About an hour or so
Taste: Tingling on tongue, sweet taste
Smell: Sweet, sugar crystals
Burn Quality: Perfectly even all the way thru
Strength: Strong body high
Control/Focus: Not needed. Thank God because I was in space at the time
Emotions: Amazed! I feel really joyful!
Paranoia: No
Tingling: Forehead and tongue
Relieves: Takes the edge off severe chronic pain
Positives: Burned, slow, perfect burn.
Negatives: Made Alex painfully cough, however he has a hard time because of pre-existing respiratory issues
Other Notes: Great choice for an evening smoke. I became very relaxed, and just kind of felt like I was turning into puddy!  I also ended up with MUNCHIES galore!

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