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The Friday Five: Weekend weed music selections from Collie Tunes, Oct. 14, 2016

Welcome to The Friday Five – a weekly weed and music column from Collie Tunes, a Portland company focused on tunes for the cannabis industry.

This column runs every Friday – so keep it right here for more selections, and enjoy!

Selections and comments below by Sean Hocking, owner of Collie Tunes:

Chaos In The CBD – Phantom Melodies

They probably mean central business district…. honestly!

Ween – I Smoke Some Grass (And Get Really Really High)

US Rock underground favorites leave nothing to the imagination

Roland Burrell – Blood shot Eyes

Can’t imagine how those eyes became bloodshot

Sammie Beats – Sativa

Sativa EDM style

Danny Brown – Smokin & Drinkin

Everybody loves a bit of Danny Brown

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