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WIRE: Utah United Patients Group hosts medical cannabis summit in Salt Lake on Oct. 12, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO and SALT LAKE CITY — United Patients Group, (UPG) the leader in medical cannabis information and education, Sacred Roots of Healing, led by Utah community and business leader Juanita Ramos, along with The Utah Association for Responsible Cannabis Legislation, today announced they will host an evening of information, education and awareness for lawmakers, healthcare providers, public safety officials and others at an invitation-only summit, “Medical Cannabis:  The Science.  The Truth.”, October 12th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Community leaders like Juanita Ramos, believe the time is now to review and expand the availability and access to medical cannabis to the citizens of Utah.  Ramos, along with the non-profit, United Patients Group, has formed The Utah Association for Responsible Cannabis Legislation, working closely with Utah lawmakers, such as Rep. Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville, who is committed to bringing a more sensible and comprehensive medical cannabis solution to the people of Utah.

Several polls in the state indicate that 2/3 of Utahns support legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

Representative Froerer has been working with Ramos, United Patients Group, as well as other legislators across the US to craft a bill that will ensure that the “… bill addresses the regulation to ascertain that patients will have access to a safe, tested product that cannot be exploited for recreational purposes.”  Froerer further explained, “The bill also provides for strict enforcement for professional growers and processors as well as relevant education for our healthcare professionals in this emerging area of medicine.  This will ultimately benefit a broader cross-section of patients who are in desperate need.”

John Malanca, founder of United Patients Group said, “While we applaud the efforts of lawmakers across the country in considering the healthcare needs of their constituents, some laws help only a small percentage of the patient population.  What we typically find is not a stubborn resistance to the idea of cannabinoid medicine, but rather a lack of understanding and awareness of the true science that backs up the efficacy of the drug.”

United Patients Group has been a leader in information and education for medical cannabis for years, and was approached by Ramos to help develop a dialogue, based on science and facts rather than hype, for the people of Utah. The result is a collaboration between Ms. Ramos’ organization, Sacred Roots of Healing, and United Patients Group in assembling The Utah Association for Responsible Cannabis Legislation.

“Our mission is simple,” states Ramos, “to advocate direct and safe access of cannabinoid medicine for people who suffer from debilitating aliments. As lawmakers of Utah such as Representative Froerer seek to do what’s best for the citizens of our state, we felt it was time to bring in experts to separate fact from fiction, deliver that information to those in the trenches with the Utahpatient-population, and ideally help educate our lawmakers to craft a more relevant and inclusive bill that will bring about options for health and healing.”

Lawmakers, the healthcare community and others continue to grapple with rising numbers of Utahns addicted to and dying of drug overdoses from opioid use, along with the grim designation of being 4th in the nation for suicides, along with a rapidly escalating problem with depression.

“The US is in the grips of a painkiller and opioid addiction epidemic, and sadly, Utah is not immune from it,” commented Rep. Froerer.  “Cannabinoid medicine is regularly being touted as a safer, more intelligent way to deal with pain, nausea, PTSD and other health conditions.  Our goal is to start a dialogue that is based on science, and develop an intelligent, safe and beneficial program that will expand the availability of cannabinoid medicine to Utahns, but with a well-regulated set of protocols in place that we feel can be the model for the rest of the country.”

The summit will take place on October 12, 2016 in Salt Lake City and will feature a slate of cannabinoid medicine experts, including founders of United Patients Group, John and Corinne Malanca, as well as Dr. Bonni Goldstein, a prominent medical cannabis physician and consultant, who will speak to the invited guests regarding the latest developments in the medical cannabis industry, the science of cannabinoids and how those with chronic medical illnesses are benefiting from their use.

About United Patients Group

United Patients Group (UPG) is the unparalleled online resource and trusted leader for medical cannabis information and education for physicians, patients and health-related organizations.

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United Patients Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that  directs your donations to further our mission of bringing financial support to clinical research programs; cannabinoid education programs and training for healthcare providers, mental health professionals, nurse practitioners and others in the medical cannabis field; advocacy and reform at the government level for medical cannabis legalization and research initiatives,  along with providing up-to-the-minute access to resources and reliable, relevant information to medical cannabis patients and those that care for them throughout the US and beyond.

About Sacred Roots of Healing and The Utah Association for Responsible Cannabis Legislation

Sacred Roots of Healing, along with United Patients Group, business leaders, patients, families of patients and faith leaders have come together to create The Utah Association for Responsible Cannabis Legislation. Our common goal is to create a coalition that will distribute, advocate and represent the majority of Utah’s voices who are in favor of the legalization.

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