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Strain Sheet: Old Fashioned Vanilla Canna Caramels from Orgrow (Washington)

Old Fashioned Vanilla Canna Caramels from Orgrow (Washington)


Name: Megan & Alex
Product: “Old Fashioned Vanilla Canna Caramels”
Product Type: Edibles
Grower: OrGrow (Washington)
Details: 10mg THC per serving (5 servings, 50mg THC bag).
Taste: Melted in my mouth
Texture: Solid at first, then becomes creamy as your mouth waters
Onset: About 35-50 mins
Fade: About 3-4 hours (Keep in mind they taste so good with a perfect balance of THC flavor and traditional vanilla caramel, so for me I couldn’t help but have a second helping a few minutes later. Hence this review is based on 2 pieces 20mg all together.)
Emotions: Pleasantly surprised that I felt an obvious body high – edibles typically provide the strongest.
Strength: Well, it was just a 5 pack. So I shared with Alex. I’d say it’s definitely noticeable because after it initially sets in, it grows in strength over time.
Other Notes: Alex and I both really enjoyed the way these caramels incorporated the THC into a FLAVOR that is not overpowering (homemade butter by your hippie neighbor) or overlaps the product it is infused in. The vanilla caramels by ORGROW really are a two thumbs up product!

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