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Strain Sheet: Apehanger preroll from Phat Panda (Washington)

Apehanger preroll from Phat Panda (Washington)


Name: Megan
Product: Apehanger preroll (Hybrid)(Sold at The Herbery)
Grower: Phat Panda (Washington)
Stats: THC  4%  CBD .4%  THCA 15.8%  Total 14.3%
Onset: 5 mins
Fade: 45 mins
Smell: Fresh, stony aroma
Burn Quality: Ran really bad
Tingling: On my chest and shoulders
Paranoia: Slightly (and I almost never get paranoid from pot)
Emotions: Reflective, relaxed, calm, thoughtful
Taste: Coffee/Espresso-ish
Harshness: Wasn’t harsh
Strength: Sedating, great nighttime strain
Relieves: Stress related sleep issues
Positives: I did get stoned even tho that particular smoke sesh was a major pain in the ass
Negatives: Smoked terribly
Other Notes: I wish pre-rolls were always guaranteed to smoke right, or some kind of organic spray to use that makes them burn even…

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