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Strain Sheet: Cookies preroll from NW Cannabis Solutions (Washington)

Cookies preroll from NW Cannabis Solutions (Washington)


Name: Megan
Strain: Cookies
Grower: NW Cannabis Solutions (Legends)
Info: This is a .85g  Indica Preroll (sold at The Herbery)
Stats: THC 19%  CBS .1%
Onset: Less than 10 mins
Fade: 1 hr
Smell: Incense(ey) (ish)
Taste:  Hard to name a flavor profile, however I would describe the draw the be smooth, easy on the throat and pillowy exhale, very sweet, mouthwatering aftertaste, still can’t put my finger on any specific flavor
Burn Quality: Nice, fat hits! Even burn
Tingling: No
Harshness: Not harsh at all
Control/Focus: Had neither. If you want to “check out” for a little while and have a cozy, cat nap. Very Spacey, relaxing, euphoric body high
Emotions: Pleasant, comfortable, content, safe, relieved
Strength: Medium
Relieves: Stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed
Positives: Lovely, enjoyable smoke sesh
Negatives: Doesn’t prevent PTSD related stress and anxiety, although it does help bring me back down from having “thru the roof” anxiety or mental troubles
Other Notes: I always a little reluctant to purchase pre-rolls because I’ve had them not burn, run so bad you can’t keep up and sometimes they don’t produce an oxygenated draw. Therefore I am always extra pleased when they smoke great!! My favorite way to smoke flower is via joints! (I need to learn to roll without a roller!)

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