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WIRE: MPP endorses Del. David Moon for Maryland Senate District 20

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) announced Wednesday that it is endorsing Del. David Moon for the Maryland Senate in District 20. The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee is expected to appoint a successor to Sen. Jamie Raskin, who is running for Congress.

Statement from Kate M. Bell, MPP’s Legislative Counsel for Maryland:

“Sen. Raskin’s departure will mark the loss of a strong advocate for sensible marijuana policy reform in the Senate. MPP urges the Central Committee to appoint a replacement who shares Sen. Raskin’s commitment to protecting civil rights and promoting social justice by ending the failed policy of marijuana prohibition.

“As a member of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Delegates, David Moon has been an impassioned leader and a strong advocate for sensible marijuana policy reform. While some members of the House were co-sponsoring bills that would have recriminalized marijuana-related activities and set the state back, Del. Moon was working to move the state’s marijuana policy forward. He introduced a bill to help victims of prohibition expunge past convictions for marijuana possession. This is especially important because African-Americans in Maryland are nearly three times more likely to be arrested for possession than whites, despite very similar usage rates. He was also a key sponsor of legislation to end prohibition in Maryland and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed like alcohol.

“I had the privilege of working with Del. Moon last year and was very impressed with his advocacy in support of marijuana policy reform. What truly sets him apart is his commitment to working tirelessly for what he believes in.”

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