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Strain Sheet: Chocolate Chunk preroll from Orgrow (Washington)

Chocolate Chunk preroll from Orgrow (Washington)


Name: Megan
Strain: Chocolate Chunk 0.75g preroll
Grower: OrGrow (Washington)
Stats: Total Cannabinoids 20.9% CBD .25%
Onset: A few minutes
Fade: About 40-50 minutes
Taste: Spicy, cedar
Burn Quality: Fixer upper at first (some running/canoeing), second half finished off smoothly
Strength: Strong
Tingling: In my nose
Emotions: Relaxed, amazed (that I actually got thru a pre-roll w/o hella issues)
Paranoia: None
Control/Focus: I have ADHD, this helped calm me as well as re-center my focus
Relieves: Anxiety
Positives: Fun smoke sesh with Alex
Negatives: The joint gave me trouble at first
Other Notes: This helped stabilize my mood significantly, towards a much more positive direction. I went from very angry and loud, to calm and more content.


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